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Strengthen the concept of safe development

2023-5-20 14:21| 发布者: Official| 查看: 737| 评论: 0

摘要: Strengthen the concept of safe development and strengthen the supervision of safe production.
In order to effectively improve the fire safety awareness of employees, China Caoyun Museum organized employees of the whole museum to carry out fire safety drills on the afternoon of December 20th, 2021.
The purpose of conducting fire safety emergency drills is to enable all employees to master the correct fire safety emergency methods, understand the unit's fire safety emergency handling procedures, and be familiar with the location and operation of fire extinguishing equipment, so as to ensure that the unit's emergency evacuation work can be carried out quickly, efficiently and orderly when disasters come, so as to protect the personal safety of tourists and employees to the maximum extent, reduce unnecessary injuries, and improve the emergency response ability under public emergencies through drills. "
This drill is well organized, disciplined and standardized. Through this activity, all employees have improved their understanding of the importance of fire safety, enhanced their awareness of fire safety, and become more familiar with the operation and use steps and methods of fire equipment. It laid a solid foundation for the future fire safety work.




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