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The third batch of "red scarf" started!

2023-5-18 12:56| 发布者: Official| 查看: 726| 评论: 0

摘要: The third batch of "red scarf" commentators in China Water Transport Museum officially "started"!
May 18 is the 47th International Museum Day. This year's theme is "Museum, Sustainability and a Better Life". In order to let more young people know about China's water transport culture, witness the thousand year history of Huai'an, inherit and carry forward the outstanding achievements of civilization, on May 17, the third batch of "red scarf" commentators from the China Water Transport Museum at Chuzhou Experimental Primary School in Huai'an officially "opened".
At the Water Transport Museum, the small announcer meticulously introduces the physical objects and remains of the exhibition hall to representatives of the third year Young Pioneers, telling the story of Chinese water transport culture and the position and role of Huai'an in the history of water transport. Their words and actions have become qualified small announcers.
It is understood that in the early stage, the school's counselors and teachers conducted a two-week training for the third batch of "red scarf" interpreters from the aspects of Chinese water transport history knowledge, explanation details and precautions. After passing the examination, they formally took up their posts. The activity aims to enhance cultural confidence, historical responsibility, and protagonist awareness through experiential explanations, allowing more people to enter, understand, and fall in love with their hometown of Huai'an.




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