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摘要: Welcome to visit the China Water Transport Museum. Jiangsu, Huaian is located in Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale River, is one of the national historical and cultural city. Since ancient times, ...
         Welcome to visit the China Water Transport Museum.
         Jiangsu, Huaian is located in Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale River, is one of the national historical and cultural city. Since ancient times, "Jin Wu Daichu guest swims, magnificent reputation southeast of the first state.". Renjiedeling Huaian in addition to gathering of talents, many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, the history of the South North Grain South and North salt, through Chuzhou. Back in history: from Sui Dynasty, the court will set up water transport agency in Huaian, the Song Dynasty southeast six road to the capital into the grain by huaishui bianshui. To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the imperial court set up office in Huaian to transport governor, supervision, urge transport matters, director of South North grain transport work etc.. The canal governor office is a representative organization of the court, as the governor general, Lord Chancellor by the powerful, not only the management of water transport, but also the governor, so also called Cao fu. For large institutions, and various civilian school officers about more than 20000 people, under the jurisdiction of storage, shipyard etc.. Located in the city center of Huaian district public transport governor in history is in charge of the heat transport mechanism. With the historical changes, the construction scale and has a high historical value has gradually broken down for years, buried in the underground ruins. In 2002, the construction of the city hall, two hall, water transport and ancillary buildings have been found, and a large number of building stone unearthed. Exposure to the canal governor Academy of the Ministry of the site, then got the attention of the relevant departments, and in October 2000 by the Jiangsu provincial government announced the fifth batch of provincial cultural relics protection units. In order to make the important relics in history presented and sufficient protection, the ancient history of water transport morecomplete study further, the relevant departments of the state decided to establish a new Chinese transport history museum based on original canal governor Academy of the Ministry of construction site caoyun square, is currently the only reflect the theme of the large special transport museum.
         As the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations ", Cao River, melting salt, the four heavily in a prosperous Huaian, Kangxi and Qianlong Southern six are here is the Ming and Qing Dynasties emperor's lodging when traveling, water transport artery of our country economy, was the main form of transportation and circulation of goods and economic exchanges. At that time, the highest canal governor department is located in the National Water  Transport Management District of Huaian today.
         The China Water Transport Museum started construction in 2008, with a total construction area of 7680 square meters, divided into two layers of ground main body, one layer underground and two layers on the ground. The ground architecture adopts the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty in China, and it is a "character" layout. On the ground floor, there are four exhibition halls and office facilities and cultural relics warehouse. The whole hall is divided into history hall, canal hall, Huaian hall and Cultural Relic Hall, supplemented by a large number of multimedia sound and photoelectric system, so that the content of the whole pavilion is rich and colorful.
         The China Water Transport Museum on May 1, 2011 officially opened, in addition to equipment maintenance closed, normally open. The time of the morning is from 8:30 to 12:00, from 13:30 to 17:00 in the afternoon, and the time of the holiday is from 8:30 to 17:00.
         I believe that when you stroll in the The China Water Transport Museum a noble cultural palace, wandering in the river of history and art, will marvel at the brilliant and splendid Chinese civilization, praise the world civilization and colorful art streamer, feelings of innocence and beauty, will have the physical and mental pleasure.




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